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provides you a wealth of information that help you cope with everyday child problems, child development skills, social emotional ,cognitive development and physical activities. No one would dare to write a list of rules and regulations and say that it should fit all children everywhere!  Yet you do need the best possible answers to the many problems that confront them daily . Fortunately, a good deal of progress has been made in the field of child guidance. From painstaking research and careful observation of thousands of children has come a growing body of reliable information on childhood and parenthood.

child development guidance, child development

child development guidance

This guide will give you an understanding of how children grow and develop.

As a parent , I believe that you should, above all, use common sense in rearing your children. It focuses on empowering you with the positive parenting knowledge required to make sure your children get the best out of the child development ,loves and cares needed. Just bear in mind that the core of parenting is love and affection, which is what your child mainly needs from you during the stages of child development. 

You'll also find many other practical child development information touching on child brain development, child behavior, child language and reading development  moral and music in a child ; how it affects your child and what you can do about it.

As a parent, your child's health should be your top priority, this guide also provides some important information on child healthy diet and nutrition. As your child grows, he or she is encouraged to consume a balanced, varied diet and in adequate amounts. Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in a child's life. The years from birth to 8 years of age are important in the cognitive, emotional and physical growth of children.

From the earliest age, each waking moment of the day, your child is constantly learning.  We can't escape this fact. The are learning something that is either helpful or not so helpful. And those who live closest to them are assisting or hindering their growing up. One of the basic ingredients in children's growth is by guidance or the way in which you and other family members help your child in his growing process.

I hope that the important information and guidance in this site will help make your job as parents more rewarding and joyful.  

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