Books In A Child
books for child development, books for child, child development

books for child development, books for child, child development
Children's books should have action, lifelike characters.

books for child development, books for child, child development

books for child development, books for child, child development

All good books for children must have characters real as real as the persons he knows. They must do something; without action, no story, regardless with what skill or art it is presented, will hold your child's interest for long.

It's that vivid and genuine portrayal of her characters that makes Beatrix Potter a favorite with the youngest reader. If I could select only one author for little children I should unhesitatingly choose Beatrix Potter. She not only knows what pleases little children, but she says it with exquisite economy of incident, detail, and words.

There are no confusing plots in any of Beatrix Potter's stories. Each is based on the natural characteristics of the small animals of the English countryside she knew so well. Take for example the plot for the story of Jemima Puddle-duck. It is centered around these facts: ducks hide eggs, foxes eat duck eggs, and dogs hunt foxes. All this intimate knowledge is told within the limits of your child's world, yet in a manner so delightful as to provide him with adventure, humor, and plenty of scope for his imagination.

Plots for children's book should not be complicated 

The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli, Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag, Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Moffats by Eleanor Esters, One Cold Day by Elizabeth Coatsworth - these are but a very few of the stories that your child will enjoy reading for their action and for their characters. books for child development, books for child, child development

But, you may say, some of these characters appeared in the books  are animals! That is of small or no consequence to a child, for he readily identifies himself with characters in stories regardless of whether the characters are persons, animals, or even inanimate objects such as trains. That’s why Peter Rabbit's exciting and humorous escapades will be as fascinating to your child when he can read the book for himself as the first time he heard the story. Peter and all little boys and girls who love him are kindred spirits. Like him, they have been mischievous, and disobedient, and have been put to bed and made to take a dose of medicine. 

books for child development, books for child, child development
books for child development, books for child, child development

Not every story has to have a happy ending

books for child development, books for child, child development
And I should like to say right here that I believe that some sadness has its place in children's stories in some of the books . Do you really think it is fair to have a child believe that everything always ends happily, and to let him become shocked by life into learning it isn’t true? For the sensitive child this shock may have far-reaching effects. Perhaps Hans Christian Andersen, the teller of tales, understood this need when he wrote The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Ugly Duckling, and The Little Mermaid. How I did cry over the fate of the little tin soldier and the little dancer! And so have many other children. But all of us loved that tin soldier, too much to leave him. And now I know that it was something more than the story that charmed. It was a reaching out for something to take to heart and to cherish - the worth of steadfastness. Perhaps, too, it was a first lesson in learning pity.

Children have a sense of style books for child development, books for child, child development

Children have something to say and say it with style. Now you may not believe that children prefer books that have style, but they do – even the three- and four-year-olds. All my years of reading aloud, in and out of school, have taught me this. Of cause, children do not know why they prefer such books, for they are totally incapable of analyzing a story for its literary style. They just know they like the manner in which it is told. If you have any doubt about it, read this to them:   

 “Once upon a time there was a goodie who had seven hungry bairns, and she was frying a pancake for them. It was a sweet milk pancake and there it lay in the pan bubbling and frizzling so thick and good, it was a sight for sore eyes to look at. And the bairns stood around about, and the goodman sat by and looked on.” From The Pancake by Abjorneed and Moe.

Does this selection seem beyond the understanding of four- or five-year-old? Not at all! Its charms for them is indescribable, and much of it is due to the delicious words with which it is filled. Can you imagine any normal child not wanting to find out who got that marvelous pancake'?

Children find charm in unfamiliar words books for child development, books for child, child development

New words enrich child’s vocabulary. All good books written for children its author have something to say, says it in the best way possible, and trusts selects his words for their fullness to express his story. He knows children like to find their tucked-in little surprises among the everyday words they know. How can a child enrich his vocabulary if he does not find new words here and there in his books? Often a child, especially an imaginative one, will like best the word he doesn't understand or the one he doesn't quite understand. Just the other day a five-year-old told me he liked the word “gyroscope'' and “weaver” because “gyroscope sounds new and weaver is funny.”

To sum it up, the essential qualities of good books for your child are: clarity, well-defined detail, imagination, rhythm, simplicity, integrity, honesty, and wisdom.

In other words, at least some of the good books for child development must possess the same human and desirable elements that you desire in your own books. For children, I am convinced, like and want the best qualities. And, of course, a child's book should have clear print, uncluttered pages, fine illustrations, firm binding, and a sturdy cover.


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