Child Awareness Development
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Seven year old is relatively quiet 

It marks the stage in a child's growth when self-absorption is a definite characteristic. And every parent should recognize that some quiet and some aloneness are absolutely essential to the growth of the spirit, particularly when one is seven. Although the seven year old is given to moods, he is in no danger of becoming a recluse.  Quite to the contrary, at this stage the child is becoming more and more aware of others. As he becomes more aware of himself the more of a social being he becomes.At this stage the child is becoming increasingly interest in his immediate community and the things that he sees in the world about him. child awareness development , child development

As the child awareness development is constantly growing,  child development

Eight year old is becoming aware of his nationality 

You will discover that an eight year old likes to be with people, go places and do things. He likes to dramatize and organize this own clubs. Unlike the seven year old he is keenly interested in faraway places and in the people who dwell in those lands - particularly the children. At this age he is becoming aware of  his race and nationality, but he is so democratic in his attitudes toward people that it is an opportune time to nourish sensible attitudes against racial and nationalistic prejudices.

Eight year old is interested in historical figures

Eight also is interested in people who lived in the past. He is beginning to take a delight in reading the poems and stories considered classics of childhood

Eight year old is eager to express himself

The young child is eager to express himself artistically. He is learning about the world of art, music, and drama and should be encouraged to explore it through self expression.

child awareness development, child development

Your child's sense of self is important

In order to raise a well-rounded child, you will also need to help him build his self-esteem. This will become important once your child starts school, as he will be more engaged in learning if he feels valued and respected. This is the basis for social and emotional learning, which in a nutshell means that he will acquire the skills to recognise and manage his emotions, show care and concern for others. He will also grow into a responsible adult who will have positive relationships and handle challenging situations effectively.

Self Awareness

Work with your child to help him identify and recognise emotions as child awareness development. Don't be afraid to have intimate talks with him to explore his thoughts and/or feelings and  above all, don't be judgemental ! You will also need to work closely with him to recognise his strengths and to find out what his needs and values are. Encourage him to keep a journal as a means for him to increase his self-awareness and self-reflection.

Child Words Development

 Social Awareness

 You will need to guide  him to learn how to see from another person's perspective. Teach him to appreciate diversity, and to empathise with and respect others. Make it a point to get him to encourage his friends to share their points of view on issues with him. He should find every opportunity to cooperate and engage with  his peers in collaborative activities (games, discussions, etc.)

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