Child Emotional Control
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child emotional control, child emotional, child development
Parents play a vital role in developing a positive child emotional control  in a child's lives. Children should see signs of genuine affection between their parents.

child emotional control, child emotional, child development

Emotions are a completely normal aspect of mental of which the parents will experience in the child emotional learning. The healthy, mature person shows a well-balanced range of emotions from love to dislike. Over the parents help the child exercises reasonable control.

We have to pay a close attention to the child development needs. A child emotions become abnormal when he is so strong as to be the guiding force of a child's life. Such a child will act purely on emotional outbursts - without sufficient intelligent reasoning, He rarely accomplishes anything constructive.

Any of us would certainly be dull and uninteresting people if we had no emotions at all. Imagine a person who could neither love nor hate! People who try to suppress all emotional response within themselves strike us as artificial and emotionally "dishonest" .

Child is influenced by parents attitudes

As child emotional control learning is part of the life of a child. The child soon learns that certain things he does make his parents angry. Other things, however, please them. When he is on friendly terms with them, he tries to do what he thinks they want him to do. You will see in the child emotions ,if the child is angry with them, he is apt to do something to displease them. He takes his cues from them and patterns much of his behavior in this child development pattern.

Let me use Kathy as an example. She lives in a home where little or no emotion is ever shown by the parents. Everything is rigidly controlled. From her awareness, Kathy sensed that emotions were frowned upon and resented by her parents. She found that any display emotion lost her favor with them. Kathy is still a little girl but she makes strenuous efforts to bottle up all her feelings within herself.

child emotional control, child emotional, child development

At the other end of the scale is Trudy's home. At Trudy’s emotional outbursts are common. Tempers are lost frequently. Impulsive displays of affection are also common. Trudy has come to accept this abide emotional expression as normal, is developing little control over her feeling. As a rule she gives immediate and total expression to whatever emotion arises.

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