Child Healthy Diet
kids health, child development, child development guidance

It gives the child's overall growth and development largely among other things . An optimum and balanced amount of various nutrients ensures your child grows normally and healthily. It begins in a family eating habits.The child healthy diet and nutrition .kids health, child development, child development guidance

Similarly , it provides :child healthy diet and nutrition .kids health, child development, child development guidance

Protection for your child against various illnesses, diseases and infections by strengthening the body and immune system.

Energy required to keep up with a child's rapid development both physically and mentally.

Good physical and mental development such as better memory, good vision and improved attentiveness in school.

When the whole family is willing to be on board towards good eating habits and healthy diet, the practice becomes a routine everyone eventually gets used to.

You should try :

  • to reduce use of fats, salt and sugar when cooking
  • read nutrition labels before buying your foods
  • use healthier cooking methods (e.g stewing, boiling, roasting)
  • eat together as a family during main meals to promote bonding
  • not skipping meals

Make sure you involve your child in these practices. Let him/her know why the family is making these choices. The more informed your children are the better they are at making the right choices in the food they eat.

For children, they have to eat more proteins than elderly people as they are still growing.
They also have to eat more carbohydrates because they need more energy.

However, children also need to be aware of food additives. They must not eat too much of these substances. These substances maintain the quality of the food, and improve its taste and appearance.
Some of the common food additives are sugar, salt and vinegar.

child healthy diet, kids health, child development, child development guidance

Is your child growing right with a right healthy diet ?
child healthy diet, kids health, child development, child development guidance

The simplest and most effective way to find out whether your child is eating well and receiving optimal nutrition is to monitor his weight and height regularly. With these measurements, you can then calculate his Body Mass Index (BMI) and compare it with a growth standard by the World Health Organization.

Knowing his BMI-for-age will enable you to determine whether your child is growing at an appropriate pace, or detect if he/she is underweight or overweight. It can also provide parents with reassurance about normality and help parents make a better child dietary and lifestyle decisions for their child.

Many websites and mobile apps today provide child BMI calculators. Similarly, you can do this manually using this formula :

BMI = weight in kilograms / (height in meters) x (height in meters) 


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