Connect Your Child To Nature
child learning guide , child learning, child development

child learning guide , child learning, child development
Leading the young inquiring minds into the fields of bloom and bird song, of stars, of bugs, and creatures of the wild will connect your child to nature.

child learning guide, child learning, child development

child learning guide , child learning, child development
Nature brings beauty into the young child's life. The world in which your child must grow up often frightens you, perhaps. You wish that he could know a better one, free of the troubles men bring upon themselves. You want for him a world filled with beauty and wonder and delight. And this exists, all around you. It lies in nature, which is the world as God made it.

Nature is part of your child's world    child learning guide , child learning, child development

Children are born curious and interested. The  parents will be adventuring together, and learning as you go. While there is no end tow hat can be learned about nature, the beginning is just to learn to look. I am always surprised at the number of people who go through life without seeing what lies all around them. They see a flower, and can only say it is blue, they hear a bird, but do not know its name. This , to me is like living among faceless people, or to be in a crowd without friends. When your child knows the flower and the bird by name, he will be more at home in the world. He will have the singing thrush for a friend and know the forget-me-not forever.

Children feel themselves a part of nature

And these are the lessons that children find easiest to learn. Children feel close to birds and animals and flowers. As you take your child for walks in around the parks , you may feel that you yourself know too little to begin to teach. But once you start showing the living world to your child, you will be surprised to realize how much of it is already a part of your own experience. And , as you pay more attention to the nature that lies all about you, you will find that your own delight, your own understanding, steadily increase.

child learning guide, child learning, child development

Steps in developing an interest in nature

1.To Always be interested when he is

That first rapture of excited  curiosity is too precious to lose. It is like a spark that can start a fine big bonfire of enthusiasm. But it is easily doused by parental indifference. So when your child brings you a curious kind of bug, or snake, or stone, or leaf - be interested. Help him find out about it.

2. To never force his interest

A child who is urged down a path seldom wants to take it. Let him be the one to go ahead. There are so many paths into nature that he cannot fail to find himself on one. Then you can come along, and share in his curiosities, his discoveries.  

child learning guide, child learning, child development

Discovering a nature can be a game as part of the child learning guide to parents.

How, then , can you safely start a child off? By teaching him from the beginning to use his own eyes and ears, his fingers and his mind. Put a flower in the baby's hand, and teach him to smell it. When the robin calls, bid him listen, the old game of "telling the hour" by a dandelion gone to seed. If you can blow all the downy seeds off in one puff, it's only one o'clock; two puffs and it's two. From there on, floating away will start a new dandelion plant.

This is simply to turn his attention to the living world around him. The more he heeds it, the more curious about it he will grow and the more interested. Thus when we took our three small boys on long motor trips, we never taught them to look out at the passing fields and woods and mountains, and observe and understand what they saw. This is no harder than learning to recognize the makes of passing cars, and it is much more rewarding.


Children learn more from nature study

child learning guide, child learning, child development


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