Signs Of Learning Performance
child learning speed, child learning, learning speed, child development

child learning speed, child learning, learning speed, child development
Once you have created a good child learning atmosphere ,you begin to think about the proper time for teaching each new thing.  Parents should know that a very important factor in a child's learning is maturity. All children do not mature at the same rate. Nor do all children reach the same level of maturity.

child learning speed, child learning, learning speed, child development

We present a young child with a rabbit, he will reach for it, grasp it, stroke it, and play with it. If we make a sudden loud noise near the child, it will usually make him cry.

Then if we repeatedly present the rabbit and the loud sound together, the child will come to cry when only the rabbit is presented. A second sign of child learning then is the making of associations between experiences which were not associated.

If you put Rocky to work on a puzzle, he will make many trial-and-error, hit-or-miss movements at just. These gradually disappear until, in later attempts, the boy learns to put the puzzle together rapidly. Finally the only factors that will limit him in assembling the puzzle any faster are his speed of reaction and his interest. Decreased time needed to perform a task is another of the signs Of learning.

A little later we give Ricky a set of drill exercises in arithmetic and a chance to check his answers. We keep a record of his errors and find that he makes fewer and fewer errors on successive trials. Elimination of errors is thus one of the signs of learning.

The ability to apply past experience is vital to improve child learning speed

The ability to handle more difficult tasks is and evidence of child learning ability. If you arrange increasingly difficult tasks for Ricky, you will find that with practice he is able to do them.

If you give Ricky a task that seems new and novel to him you may find that he is able to solve it. The ability to apply old habits in solving nets problems is one of the most important sign of learning.

The examples we have just looked at point to this fact: whenever you present an object, a person, or an event to a child, you have in some degree set up a learning situation. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could present the toy or puzzle or the arithmetic problem just once and have permanent knowledge? Read more Kids Learning Games

One key worth remembering at all times : A child is more likely to repeat an experience and fix a habit if what he does brings satisfying results.

Suppose your child says she wants to ride a pony. You look into the situation beforehand. At the Kiddie Park you find a man who loves children and ponies. You take her to the park with other children who already like to ride ponies. The man knows how to introduce your daughter to the little animal. He knows how to brush away her timidity before he lifts her to the pony's back. It is a happy, satisfying experience. Now Carol Ann is ready to ride ponies whenever she has an opportunity.

child learning speed, child learning, learning speed, child development

Each child's rate of speed in learning is different child learning speed, child learning, learning speed, child development

Parents have found that they must arrange the learning situation with this in mind. You will try to keep it within the child's capacity, and will present each new learning experience when the child is ready for it. That's why your child will watch your behavior for clues as to his readiness to learn. Sometimes less teaching is needed if an experience is postponed for a while, because, with added maturity, 

child learning speed, child learning, learning speed, child development
This is one reason why parents frown on attempts to force a child to read before he is ready to read. lf we want a child to keep at a task, he must have success and satisfaction as .When he attempts tasks too difficult for him or which frustrate him, his interest drops or is killed outright. The parents does everything she can to protect her child from emotional disturbances that would interfere with the orderly course of learning. Wise arents do everything they can to create and sustain interest.


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