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The five year old lives in a world filled with the persons and things closest to him - his parents, his clothes. his toys, his playmates, the stores in his immediate neighborhood, the buildings on the farm if he dwells in the country, and his cat or dog.He is eager to learn how to do things he believes. He can do, and to accept little responsibilities that he knows he can fulfilchild listening development, child listening, listening development, child development

child listening development, child listening, listening development, child development
Five year olds like to imitate grownups 

At this age a child likes to imitate grown-up behavior, even to the manner in which an adult reads a book to him. There is nothing he enjoys more than having someone, especially his mother, read to him. He particularly enjoys stories about animals that act like persons. This choice of story may be due to the fact that the five-year-old wants these animals to be like himself, and their activities not different from his own immediate experiences. He also likes words and music which tell a story.

Reading together is bound to create a good fellowship between parents and children.

The children  like stories about his world

Enjoying listening to poems and stores that tell about events or happenings that occur in the lives of children is the greatest moment .in  the stage of child listening development.

Five year old is great talker

Being a great talker and interested in practical things, the five year old likes stories that answer his questions about persons and things that function in his here-and-now world. 

child listening development, child listening, listening development, child development

The most important person to the six year old is himself

Six year old is a good listener. He wants and needs to be first in everything. He resents criticism but watches others to see if they behave in the approved way. If they do not, he quickly and definitely expresses his opinion of their actions. At this stage he is either laughing or crying, shy or pert, quiet or noisy, naughty or good. The six year old is a veritable bundle of contradictions.

More often than not, this stage is one of the most exasperating periods for a parent and one of the most difficult for the child. If there is ever a time when a parent must draw heavily on a sense of humor it is when the child is six. Fortunately, at this stage words of praise and approval are magic working ones.

By the time the child has turned the half-way mark toward seven he begins to find it fun to do things. He keenly enjoys the efforts he must put forth to build a house from blocks, to finger paint, or to perform any activity that appeals to him. A six year old boy likes to play cops and robbers and a girl likes to pretend she is a teacher, a mother, or a librarian.

Six year old is a good listener

Six is a good listener when an adult reads to him. This child is also beginning to take a keen in nature study, and likes to hear stories about birds and other common things out of doors.

A six year old often likes to have poetry read to him. The reading of poems and stories can be used to good advantage in tacitly building up the child listening development , his good behavior, because a six year old likes to hear stories about acts and experiences that parallel his own.

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