Child Speech Development child development

child speech development, child speech, speech development, child development
The year-old child enjoys imitating the sounds he hears.

 child speech development, child speech, speech development, child development

He enjoys imitating gestures and repeating sounds that will bring forth laughter and applause from an admiring family. Rhymes continue to please, particularly after a play period when he is content to sit quietly in the lap of an adult.

Help children acquire good speech habits 

He enjoys the different sounds he hears in and out of doors. Imitating the sounds made by such animals as the dog, the cat, the sheep, and the pig is great fun. During this period, parents should exercise great care in their pronunciation of the consonant sounds when reciting the nursery rhymes or when imitating the sounds made by animals. Not only at this stage, but throughout his entire early childhood development, his parents should be on the alert to form good speech habits, and on guard to prevent undesirable ones.

Mother Goose is essential to nursery :

Mother Goose rhymes such as the ones below give the sounds made by the sheep, dog, and the pig.

Before child reaches his second birthday he likes to inspect picture books. Sometimes this inspection is an upside-down affair. Sharing a book with an adult, toward the end of an afternoon, or just before the evening meal, can become a significant time for a child not yet two years old. The books shared at an early age must be made of good materials and have good illustrations. The pictures are all important, the text is incidental. Here again, the adult must remember that the most enchanting pictures and the simplest texts can hold interest for only a few minutes. But in that short span of time, day after day, parent and child can begin one of the most delightful of all their relationships - that of sharing books.

child speech development, child speech, speech development, child development

 child speech development, child speech, speech development, child development

A child is particularly interested in pictures of dogs and horses. The two-year-old likes to talk about pictures. He likes to hear his own name used in simple stories. These may be in stories created by the adult to stimulate the interest of the child in the persons, places, and things he knows and sees.

He likes to do things at his own pace, and that pace may seem to be the pace of a dawdler. He enjoys rhythm and poems and stories that have repetitive phrases, clauses, or sentences.

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