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child words development, child words, child development
Three year olds love new words

The three-year-old starts to show his interest in words.

child words development, child words, child development

child words development, child words, child development

Even when he appears to be paying no attention to a conversation he is absorbing words, and the manner in which they are used gives him an idea of their meaning. He likes to use new words merely to let an adult know he can say them, as did lively David when he said, " I can say nuclear physics." In that case, the child had been intrigued by the vocal novelty of those words as he heard them spoken by his father during a conversation with another physicist.

Three and four year olds choose words for their own use by simply taking possession of the ones they need to express what they want to say.

Children like colorful words

If children are never given the opportunity to hear talk that has variety and freshness, and if their books do not have unfamiliar words tucked in, like delightful surprises among the everyday ones, how can they ever obtain a stock of language needed to express new experiences and ideas ?

Children relish words that give flavor and zest and direction to a rhyme, or story.child words development, child words, child development

Children like detailed descriptions and charming illustrations

A three-year-old enjoys repetition of the stories he likes. He is, however, very likely to ask for details concerning the characters that appear in them. As this age a child has a remarkable capacity for just looking. His eyes take in detail after detail in a picture. Familiar pictures are as fascinating as new ones. And that is one very good reason for choosing well-illustrated books for a little child.

Imaginative stories delight the child

Imaginative stories about persons and animals are interesting to the child.  This is the age, too, when a child likes to learn about things in nature. He wants this information in story form. You will be interrupted by the child at this age who wishes to comment on the subject matter.

Young child often has imaginary playmates

A child's interests during the first three years are usually confined to himself. He may have an imaginary playmate but that companion belongs solely to him, does the things he would like to do, and possesses the things he desires. One little boy's imaginary playmate was Beady. When his mother read to him " Some one came knocking, at my wee, small door", he said, "That's Beady. He's coming to play with me.

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