Poems For Toddlers  poem for toddler

poem for toddler
There are poems about animals ,people , airplanes ,secret and kings. Some have lines that seem to sing, while others have words that will make you dream. There are everyday poems, and poems for special holiday moods. There are pictures, too, far more beautiful than any of those in the cherished Christmas book.
Truly, Poems For Toddlers is an exciting treasure. It was made to be read and reread - a poem for now and to grow up with. May it have a large part in your child happiness for many years.

poem for toddler

              Two Little Kittens  poem for toddler

Two little kittens, one stormy night,
Began to quarrel and then to fight;
One had a mouse, and the other had none,
And that's the way the quarrel begun.

"I'll have that mouse," said the bigger cat.
"You'll have that mouse? We'll see about that!"
"I will have that mouse," said the litte one.

I told you before 'It was a stormy night
When these two little kittens began to fight;
The old woman seized her sweeping broom,
And swept the two kittens right out of the room.

The ground was covered with trost and snow,
And the two little kittens had nowhere to go;
So they laid them down on the mat at the door,
While the old woman finished sweeping the floor.

Then they crept in, as quiet as mice,
All wet with the snow, and as cold as ice,
For they found it was better, that stormy night,
To lie down and sleep than to quarrel and fight.

I have a little pussy,
And her coat is silver gray;
She lives in a great wide meadow
And she never runs away.

She always is a pussy,
She'll never be a cat,
Because she's a pussy willow !
Now what do you think of that!

poem for toddler

Runaway Brook

"Stop, stop pretty water!"
Said Mary one day
To a frolicsome brook
That was running away.

"You run on so fast!
I wish you would stay;
My boat and my flowers
You will carry away.

But I will run after:
Mother says that I may;
For I would know where
You are running away."

So Mary ran on;
But I have heard say,
That she never could find
Where the brook run away.

In The Heart Of A seed

In the heart of a seed,
Buried deep, so deep,
A dear little plant
Lay fast asleep.

"Wake" said the sunshine,
"And creep to the light."
"Wake" said the voice
Of the raindrops bright.

The little plant heard;
And it rose to see
What the wonderful
Outside world might be.

poem for toddler

The Duck

If I were in a fairy tale.
And it were my good luck
To have a wish, I'd choose to be
A lovely snow white duck.

When she puts off into the pond
And leaves me on the brink,
She wags her stumpy tail at me,
And gives a saucy wink.

Which says as plain as words could say,
I'm safe as safe can be,
Stay there, or you will drown yourself,
The pond was made for me.

She goes sailing to and fro
Just like a fishing boat,
And steers and paddles all herself,
And never wets her coat.

poem for toddler

poem for toddler

Then in the water, upside down,
I've often seen her stand
More neatly than the little boys
Who do it on the land.

And best of all, her children are
The ducklings, bright as gold
Who swim about the pond with her
And do as they are told.

poem for toddler

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