Poems For Toddlers

poems for toddlers
There are poems about animals ,people , airplanes ,secret and kings. Some have lines that seem to sing, while others have words that will make you dream. There are everyday poems, and poems for special holiday moods. There are pictures, too, far more beautiful than any of those in the cherished Christmas book.
Truly, Poems For Toddlers is an exciting treasure. It was made to be read and reread - a poem for now and to grow up with. May it have a large part in your child happiness for many years.

poems for toddlers

poems for toddlers The Woodpecker

The woodpecker pecked out a little round hole
And make him a house in the telephone pole.

One day when I watched he poked out his head,
And he had sparkles of lightning go flashing by,

And the big, big wheels of thunder roll,
He can struggle back in the telephone pole.

poems for toddlers

 A Story In The Snow

This morning, as I walked to school
Across the fluffy snow,
I came upon a bunny's tracks -
A jumping, zigzag row.

He must have hurried very fast
For here and there I saw
Along his jerky winding trail
The print of Rover's paw.

I set my lunch pail in the snow,
And stood very still,
For only Rover's clumsy tracks
Led down the hill.

Then suddenly I thought I heard
A rustling sound close by,
And there within a grassy clump
Shone Bunny's twinkling eye.

The Barnyarb

When the Farmer's day is done,
In the barnyard, everyone,
Beast and bird politely say,
"Thank you for my food today."

The cow says, "Moo!"
The pigeon, "Cool!"
The sheep says, "Baa!"
The lamb says, "Maa!"
The hen, "Cluck! Cluck!"
"Quack!" says the duck;
The dog "Bow Wow!"
The hourse says, "Neigh!
I love sweet hay!"
The pig near by,
Grunts in his sty.

When the barn is looked up tight,
Then the Farmer says, "Good night!";
Thanks his animals, everyone,
For the work that has been done.

 The Secret

We have a secret, just we three,
The robin, and I, and the sweet cherry tree;
The bird told the tree, and the tree told me,
And nobody knows it but just we three.

But of course, the robin knows best,
Because he built the - I shan't tell the rest;
And laid the four little - something in it
I'm afraid  I shall tell it every minute.

But if the tree and the robin don't peep,
I'll try my best the secret to keep;
Though I know when the little birds fly about
Then the whole secret will be out.

poems for toddlers

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