Preteen  child development

preteen development, preteen , child development
He is interested in learning about the social world and

preteen development, preteen , child development

preteen development, preteen , child development participates enthusiastically in group activities and wants to know more about people in other lands. He is also an ardent hero-worshipper. And every new vision of himself in the role of his current hero is a guidepost along the road to maturity.

Ten year old is hero worshipper

To satisfy the ten year old's growing curiosity about life in other parts of the world, certain chapters in Countries and Their Children are particularly valuable. People and Great Deeds and The Story World provide heroes and stories of courage that appeal strongly to this age group.

preteen development, preteen , child development

At ten the child's understanding of science has also broadened. He is ready and eager to learn more about the mysteries of the universe.

Eleven-year-old is critical age and can benefit from experiences of others

The eleven-year-old is on the threshold of adolescence. He is approaching adulthood, and this is one of the most critical periods in his life. It is an age at which the child's social attitudes and intellectual development are vital to this stature as an adult.

At eleven, the child is especially eager to participate in family discussions of current events and is susceptible to broadening ideas and his is equally susceptible to the formation of prejudices. If he has been reared in an atmosphere of affection, security, and tolerance he will be more likely  to accept his social responsibilities in the adult world.

Child's world is geared to child growth

One day your child will be faced with serious adult responsibilities, and he will be able to meet each responsibility with confidence if he has been prepared along the way. The child's world was created to help broaden the child's horizons, to enrich his knowledge, and to prepare him for actual experiences as they become to him.

The problem of direct sex questions

As your child grows older, you will have to deal more and more with direct questions about sex behavior. Early sex questions will center about sex behavior. Early sex questions will center about the sex organs, differences between children and adults, differences between boys and girls, and "Where do babies come from?" Preteen's questions may remind you of grown-up experiences and feelings but to the child they will arise from normal curiosity - no different from his wanting to know what happens to his food after he eats it.

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