Stages Of Child Development
child development

stages of child development child development
The purpose of this section is to assist parents in making a wider use of the material found in here. It is designed to meet the cultural needs and interests of the child as he progresses from infancy to his twelfth year.

To the suggestions given here, there has been no attempt to exhaust the possibilities of guidance. In keeping with modern scientific knowledge concerning the manner which the average child advances by natural stages in growth of mind, the subject matter is arranged by ages. Here the reader is advised to remember that even though all normal children tend to follow a similar progression of growth, no two individuals are exactly alike . Thus the brief narratives and outlines appearing under each of the different age levels should be considered as an endeavour to provide information and actual material to help parents  establish a finer, happier relationship with their children.

stages of child development, child development

In stages of child development,  child development

Although scientists assure us that a baby's physical and mental growth is a step-by-step process, each one made possible only by the step that went before, no authority would insist that the guidance of an infant should be a rigidly regulated procedure. Every baby needs to be talked to, smiled at, played with, and loved. Read more...infant development (0 to 12 month olds)

The year-old child enjoys imitating gestures and repeating sounds that will bring forth laughter and applause from an admiring family. Rhymes continue to please, particularly after a play period when he is content to sit quietly in the lap of an adult.

There is nothing that can take the place of Mother Goose in the nursery . Was there ever a baby who didn’t gurgle with delight as his mother counted his toes as she chanted “This Little Pig Went to Market”? Read more...child speech development (1 to 2 Year Olds)

The three-year-old is interested in words. Even when he appears to be paying no attention to a conversation he is absorbing words, and the manner in which they are used gives him an idea of their meaning. stages of child development child development

A child's interests during the first three years are usually confined to himself. He may have an imaginary playmate but that companion belongs solely to him, does the things he would like to do, and possesses the things he desires. Read more...child words development ( 3 to 4 Year Olds)

The five-year-old lives in a world filled with the persons and things closest to him - his parents, his clothes, his toys, his playmates, the stores in his immediate neighborhood, the buildings on the farm if he dwells in the country, and his cat or dog. The most important person to a six-year-old is himself. Read more... child listening development (5 to 6 Year Olds)

stages of child development, child development


Child Development and Psychology 

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Seven-year-old  is relatively quiet. This child loves fairy tales.

Eight-year-old is becoming aware of his nationality and interested in historical figures.

Nine-year-old works and plays hard, is critical of adult behavior. Read more ... child awareness development (7 to 9 Year Olds)

Ten year old is interested in learning about the social world.

Eleven-and-twelve-year-old is critical age and can benefit experiences of others. Read more... preteen development (10 to 12 Year Olds).


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